Customised production technology – for component or module assembly

As contract manufacturing specialists, we are well aware that every manufacturing strategy is just as unique as the part to be produced. Thanks to our extensive network of qualified partners, we are flexible enough to provide you with everything you need in CNC technology – even at short notice.


Heat treatment & hardening

  • case hardening
  • induction hardening
  • surface hardening


  • turning/turn-milling
  • milling
  • wire & die-sinking EDM
  • laser & water jet cutting
  • cylindrical & surface grinding
  • slotting and broaching

Master forming

  • die casting
  • plastic injection moulding
  • extrusion moulding
  • compression moulding
  • forging
  • sand & mould casting

Joint & additive manufacturing

  • welding
  • assembly (module assembly)
  • 3D printing


  • bending & folding
  • thermoforming

Surface treatment

  • paint & powder coating
  • chemical coatings
  • electrolytic coatings



  • aluminium alloys
  • (stainless) steel alloys
  • titanium alloys
  • non-ferrous metals

Special materials

  • ceramic materials
  • laminated fabric
  • tungsten carbide
  • magnesium alloys


  • ABS
  • POM
  • PA
  • PC
  • PEEK
  • elastomers
  • thermoplastics
  • GF/CF-reinforced and, if required, with special properties (food grade, ESD, etc.)

Your prototype from J&K CNC Technik

From prototyping to cost engineering – our technical experts can provide customised solutions for all your requirements. Contact us today.

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“When a machine broke down, the guys from J&K CNC Technik were able to supply the custom-made spare parts within two working days, saving our stored harvest.”

Mr Schreiber from Schreiber Kiebler

“My business relationship with J&K CNC Technik is not just about price. In a joint project, we were able to significantly reduce the reject rate. This not only decreased costs but also helped to reduce the environmental impact.”

Tony Wong, manufacturing partner

“Dimensional accuracy and high-quality surface finishes and coatings are the hallmarks of J&K CNC Technik.”

Mr Ehmig from Aptar

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