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Are you looking for a partner who offers CNC production that is both attractively priced and technically flawless? J&K CNC Technik takes care of every step of the process up to delivery.

TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

When a machine broke down, the guys from J&K CNC Technik were able to supply the custom-made spare parts within two working days, saving our stored harvest.

Mr Schreiber from Schreiber Kiebler

My business relationship with J&K CNC Technik is not just about price. In a joint project, we were able to significantly reduce the reject rate. This not only decreased costs but also helped to reduce the environmental impact.

Tony Wong, manufacturing partner

We have optimised our production processes with the Outside Kanban system from J&K CNC Technik. The result: shorter delivery times and a drastic reduction in costs. It couldn't get any better.

Mr Becker from Musashi

We fulfil your expectations when it comes to CNC contract manufacturing

discerning & quality-conscious

The best possible quality for every product thanks to a wide range of technologies and the highest level of commitment.

affordable & high quality

Optimised costs thanks to international manufacturing partners with high quality standards.

extraordinary & quick

Unrivalled time-saving production, even of complex parts.

committed & reliable

Long-term, reliable partnerships increase product quality and ensure 100% fulfilment of commitments.

responsible & trustworthy

Compliance with the Global Code of Conduct and a relationship of trust and confidence with our project managers.

service-orientated & personal

Our full-service approach meets all customer requirements through personal contact with our employees.

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  • only personally audited partners
  • regular monitoring of quality and deadlines
  • legally compliant imports guaranteed
  • your access to the international manufacturing market
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The team behind J&K CNC Technik

Thomas Kohler

Project Manager Sales
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Tobias Jung

Project Manager Sales
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Gunther Geib

Project Manager Sales

Felix Kohler

Project Manager Sales
Portrait Michael Laakmann

Michael Laakmann

Project Manager Sales
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Vanessa Korndörfer

Head of Operations

Melanie John

Head of Corporate Development